Property Tax


Property tax is tax paid specifically on the property that is owned by an individual or other legal entities such as an estate. An appraisal is completed on your home in order to determine the amount you will be taxes. In Idaho specifically we are known as a non-disclosure state, which means that the price that you’re home sold for is not shared to the public. This is why we have an appraiser that does the research to determine your current home value.

Your property value is determined based on a few things;

  • Location
  • Square Footage
  • Amount of Bedrooms & Bathrooms
  • Acreage Included
  • The List Continues

The appraiser will do their due diligence to examine these items and create an assessed value of your home. You will be charged a percentage of your assessed value. This percentage is determined based on the county, exemption type and what the taxes are covering in your specific area.

Typically your property tax will be determined on a yearly basis unless you live in a slower growing area, in that case you might have it completed less frequently. Below are a couple ways you can receive a lower tax amount:

  • Filing an exemption status; agriculture exemption, homeowners exemption, etc.
  • Requesting a reduction due to age; you must be 65 and older

If you have any questions about your property taxes, please let us know so we can help you get those questions answered.