Thinking About Selling Your Home?

There are so many aspects to selling your home and so many options. Every option has its ups and downs. At ReDefined Real Estate we are not only a tech savvy company that excels in the traditional selling options as well as developing different structures to work with the client’s independent needs.

In this new day in age there are several ways we can help you sell your home, and we will hand tailor a plan to fit your needs.

The first step is always going to be determining market value. Many agents use website algorithms to determine this number and they can be wrong on the values for many reasons. Our agents are taught to value your home like an appraiser would do by considering not only location but also square footage, condition, upgrades, land size, different amenities, and motivation. No two houses are the same and should never be valued as such. Price per square foot is not an accurate way to value homes therefore we do not work with that method.

Traditional Sale: Typically receives highest Net to the seller. Market value is determined then the home will be analyzed, and you will be consulted on the most efficient and effective ways to prep the home to achieve highest value in the most cost-effective way. Return on investment is especially important here. We use only high-end professional photo’s, videos, virtual tours, signage, website design, possible staging, and digital marketing prior to going active on the multiple listing services and syndicating to over 40 national home search websites. During the process you will receive the highest customer service and access to technology to assist with the showings and open houses, virtual or in person depending on your needs, experienced negotiations, and holding your hand all the way through even help to advise you to pick the best offer remembering all your goals and needs. Negotiating the inspection, managing closing timelines, and getting to the signing table with a reputable Escrow company all the while paying close attention to paperwork and logistics to protect your best interests.

Contract Only Sale: can be convenient and helpful but often does not fetch the highest market value. Do you already know a buyer for your home? Maybe a tenant, family member, or just a friend? For a flat rate we will process the entire transaction for you making it an easy and seamless process that can save you thousands while still being professionally handled, insured, and closed appropriately. This option can mitigate all liabilities and losses that can arise in these types of sales when professionals are not involved. Many people think they can handle this type of sale themselves because they are familiar with the other party in this type of transaction, however they find out the hard way, that the expense of hiring a professional if even just to provide the correct wording and communication, is small compared to the expense of correcting the many issues that can present themselves.

Instant Offer Investor Buyer Programs: most convenient, no with continual showings or dealing with buyers, no repairs, most dependable closing, but can be lowest Net to seller. If you do not want to deal with several showings, repair requests, or anything to do with a traditional style sell we can facilitate a direct purchase of your home from our in-house investors. Closings for these transactions can be fast or have an extended timeline to fit your needs. There will smaller fees incurred as well as reduced real estate transaction fee for the seller. The purchase price will be determined and agreed upon by both parties and your home will be purchased in 2 weeks or less as is.          

Our agents can help you come up with a plan including any of these processes or maybe a hybrid of all of them. Do not have money except in your equity? There may even be the possibility of getting help to do pre-listing repairs including cosmetic corrections to increase market value with our “Pay at Closing” plan.

Now that you know our options, all you need to do is contact us for a no commitment consultation and one of our great local agents will get back to you within just a couple hours.

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