Jesse Lee


Need to know some trails to mountain biking in Idaho, ask Jesse. A place to go take the family camping, ask Jesse. Have to know the right way to hang drywall, ask Jesse. Have to elevate your cornhole skills, ask Jesse. Need to find ethical help to accomplish your real estate goals, Ask Jesse!

This dedicated husband, father and friend makes sure that you know that you can depend on him for many of the tasks that you need, and that includes Real Estate. Jesse’s knowledge in construction is so extensive that he could basically build a home from the ground up. Being a fan of history his entire childhood, he understands to learn from the mistakes of others; which means he is more than capable of making sure that you are getting in a well constructed house or land that is going to benefit you for years to come.

His knowledge, passion for helping others, and dedication to making a life for his wife and new baby made getting his real estate license an easy decision. Although he wants to have the financial stability that comes with construction, he knew that in real estate he would be able to build a business of his own and teach his children the importance of good morals and outstanding work ethics. His family now consists of two little humans and his amazingly supportive wife Kelsey, who both cherish the time they spend together during their long walks with their dogs.

Realtor Boise Idaho, Jesse says his biggest accomplishment is becoming a father and that’s no surprise, his father being one of the most influential people in his life growing up. He was taught that even when you feel beat down, life is what you make of it. That is the one of biggest reasons why Jesse chooses to be a part of any charity that has to do with bettering the lives of children in need, whether it’s health reasons or poverty, his heart is as big as his personality. For that reason and his dedication to family is why we know that he will end up taking his father on their dream trip to Alaska where they will fish and hunt (right after he takes his wife and kids to Hawaii).

While Jesse’s first experience with real estate, the purchase of his own home went smoothly, you can’t say that his first transaction as a Realtor was just as smooth. But he considers that a good thing because now, he has even more skills to be prepared for any deal that might go sideways when working with a client. Jesse is an example of who we are at ReDefined; optimistic, dedicated, and fun loving. He uses what others consider to be difficult situations and considers them learning experiences to make his business better and even more prepared for the unexpected that occurs during real estate in general.

Real estate may be Jesse’s career, but in his free time you might find him cooking breakfast for the family before church on Sundays or hitting the morning trip to the gym in order to ramp up for the day. One thing we know is, whether he is helping practice your golf game or discussing — probably over a Whiskey and Coke — the best remodeling you could do in order to make more money in the sale of your home, “Life is what you make of it” as Jesse says. Guaranteed Jesse is going to make sure a transaction you choose to do with him,  he is going to do everything he can to make it great (even if he has to build it)!

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