Erin Madden

I am a long-time Boise gal (BSU grad) who adores this beautiful Valley! From the gorgeous views, the eclectic nightlife, the amazing downtown, the friendly people, to the bountiful entertainment and outdoor recreation opportunities.

I became involved with real estate around 20 years ago when I began buying and flipping homes, soon after delving into a buy-and-hold investment strategy and building an investment portfolio of single-family homes. I received training to become a real estate Appraiser and spent 18 months interning with a small appraisal firm in Boise in order to truly understand how pricing strategies work. 4 years ago I decided to get my real estate license so that I could invest all of my time into a career that I had extensive knowledge and passion in.

Prior to real estate, I worked as a Cardiac Ultrasound Technologist and traveled to hospitals around the country. As someone with an empathetic and problem-solving spirit, I appreciated the importance of my job but struggled with being around for some of my patients’ darkest moments. With the transition to real estate, I am able to use my innate desire to help people, this time to achieve their dreams and financial goals and to be privy to some of my clients’ happiest moments. What a gift!

I have an extremely in-depth understanding of our market, successful strategies for buying and selling in this market, as well as investment data (current rent prices, average cap rates, etc..). What makes me a great agent is that I am always available to my clients. I believe in communication, education, and setting expectations so that real estate transactions can be smooth and successful for all parties involved and, the real secret to success….I know (and respect) what I don’t know!

I have two fun and fantastic kids who I strive to turn into loving and kind adults, and a rockstar husband (aka,the drummer). In my free time you will find me working on home renovation projects, planning parties, singing karaoke and dancing with my kids.

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