Realtor Boise Idaho, Angie takes every opportunity to teach her family the same lesson she learned from her father, which happened to be the most influential person of her childhood. His words of “never put yourself in a position to have to depend on anyone else” became even more powerful as she underwent her biggest accomplishments. Which thus far has been stepping out of her comfort zone and working full time on growing her new business. ‘When I started my company Atta Girl Angie!, Iwasn’t concerned with a title like ‘boss’, however, I knew that with the work ethic I could thrive being in control of my own career. It really felt like destiny”, Angie said.

While the words of her father were in the back of her mind, her husband Sebastian’s encouragement of her visions and dreams was what made going off on her own a true reality. He continues to stand by his wife as he did while she was in school, taking on the brunt of the housework and finances as well as rearranging his schedule to help with the kids when her time needs to be directed to accomplishing the goals of her clients. With the way Angie has thrown herself into creating pride for her family through her dedication to service as a Mother, Wife, Friend and her clients, we know that Sebastian and the family will reap the benefits of Angie’s commitment to the community and real estate industry as a whole. 

When she is not researching, marketing, and assisting in the real estate industry and for her client base, Angie gets to watch the girls play the sport that she was most fond of in her childhood, soccer. Their same love for the game makes sense considering they are like 3 peas in a pod, not to mention – her biggest fans. When it was just the three of them, they were as thick as thieves. That is, until her husband and his two sons ‘stole’ their heart. Their family of six are happiest exploring what Idaho has to offer through camping and other outdoor activities. Especially in Cascade with Angie’s folks, where they spend the majority of the time hiking around and fishing. When they are home their continuously hosting and attending barbecues with friends, where there’s always a lot of stories, laughs, and perhaps a lemon drop martini or two.

If you have had the chance to meet this strong-willed gal, you’ll agree with us, Angie is a kind and compassionate person who really enjoys helping other people.  Any goals that Angie creates for herself we know will be to benefit her family of course, but to caveat that, having her family taken care of will allow her the ease to contribute more to causes that she is passionate about. Such as the causes that she discovered while working several years for the Ada County Housing Authority. Her dedication to service, whether it be with the people who know her personally or helping families that are experiencing difficult circumstances during the Holiday seasons, is admirable to those around her. 

Even if it’s interrupting her time of trying to find balance while enjoying a cup of coffee on the couch in sweats: watching TV with the kids while playing games with the family, if you are in need Angie wants you to remember that you can always reach out to her. She remembers her 1st and only personal home buying experience and she enjoys getting to play as big of a role in someone else’s life now. So don’t hesitate to reach out, her family knows it’s for a good cause. She wouldn’t be absent for any other purpose!

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