Increasing Your Home’s Value

Increasing Your Homes Value

When you purchase a house your goal is to find a place that is a considered a safe space you can call home. After you’ve made it through the transaction it is important to maintain or increase your home’s value. Holding value can benefit if you decide to sell your home at a future date or want to increase the equity you own on your home. Below are a few examples of projects for you to complete to increase your home’s value. 

Lawn Fertilizing Although fertilizing your lawn is a simple and easy task to build value, it is frequently missed. Maintaining your lawn is a major contributor to curb appeal, the first look at the property from the sidewalk or roadway. Think of it as a profile picture, if you took a photo of your home right now and put it on a platform what would people think or see at first glance. Boosting your curb appeal will in turn increase value.

Attic Fan Installation When you install an attic fan you are protecting your roof quality, decreasing energy bills, and increasing your homes value. Typically attics are overlooked. When you do not properly insulate you attic it can become overheated, cause ice dams, and possibly raise energy bills.

Painting rooms in your home Choosing neutral paint colors can increase the overall appeal of the home. When you choose neutral colors in small or less lighted rooms it can make the room feel larger or brighter.

Minor Bathroom Updates Completing minor bathroom updates can help boost the appeal of your home. By replacing old or outdated faucets, shower heads, knobs, countertops and paint can increase the overall look of your bathroom. Installation of eco-friendly products can have a major impact on the value of the home.

Updated Backsplash By installing or updating the backsplash you can update the style in the kitchen to become more desirable. In older or darker kitchens using a glass tile to reflect light, or trendy subway tiles to modernize the style of the kitchen can update the feel of the room and will in turn boost resale value.

Flooring Upgrades Simply installing updated flooring from sixties pink carpet to vinyl will increase your homes value without a large cost associated with it. You can also upgrade to a new ceramic floor tile to bright up the room. Tile can be placed in many rooms in your home, this option is easier to clean and maintain.

Replacing old bathtubs An easy way to lower the value of your home is to keep overused and under cared for bath/shower units. If they are filled with mold, mildew, and old hard water stains it might be time to find an alternative route to replace them. Replacing these items can have a huge impact on how your room looks and increase the value of your home.

Replacement of old carpets One thing that puts off buyers from purchasing a home is old carpet. Mainly because carpets hang onto smells, stains, and allergens which can be off putting for incoming buyers. You can increase your homes value by updating carpets or replacing them with other flooring options.

Repair Water Damage Water damage is one item that will come up during the home inspection period, why is why we recommend to fix water damages as it happens or prior to putting your home on the market. Depending on the severity water damage can cause wood rot, mildew, and black mold in your home. Water damage can also cause unsightly stains depending on the surface.