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Boise Real Estate Company, ReDefined Real Estate, LLC is a local independent real estate brokerage located in Meridian Idaho’s beautiful Treasure Valley. ReDefined was founded in 2020 by two people who, being  in the industry for over a decade, had already once designed, built, and ran a successful brokerage previously. To PJ and Shay Johnson this was not only a redefined time for their business, but the opportunity to again evaluate and create what a real estate brokerage in today’s age could provide for its agents and their clients.

Shay and PJ had both obtained their real estate licenses in one of the worst times to do so. Early 2010, when our community and the country’s economic and real estate status was at some of its worst. “We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy transition for our family financially, but we knew our intentions were to assist with growth to help during this time of uncertainty and fear, so it was worth the risk”.

With a desire to excel and bring a service to their clients while juggling their new addition to their family and new adventure of entrepreneurialism, they formed a small team within a large brokerage. The team grew with loyal agents that were struggling with the same issues and the same appreciation for the vast opportunities to provide the community and the housing market started to bounce back. “Shay was always determined to find a brokerage that had the tools and the same mindset of assisting in cultivating the team and the increasing amount of business, while having an interest in the agents personal successes as much as the professional ones. There’s always been great real estate brokerages and brokers in Idaho, just not ones that quite seemed to fit us” says PJ. 

In 2014 they decided to create that independent brokerage in order to fill some of what they felt were gaps in the long utilized ideals of brokerages that they had come across in their own business. Six years later, in the face of many new changes in office landscape, the digital era, and the industry as a whole, PJ and Shay found pain spots for agents and clients that, with a little extra attention, could be healed. “Our years of experience with down markets, hot markets, changing family/work dynamics and a plethora of new social media sites and technology tools confirmed it is important to know when a business model needs ReDefined”, Shay Johnson.

From the day that they started the brokerage, the handful of Treasure Valley agents which came aboard, were dedicated in a varieties of different markets and experienced in several different business styles, which was very helpful while designing the model and developing the systematic processes in which to utilize a brokerages tools and trainings to allow the agents more time and energy to concentrate on what customer service is to the clients in the current climate and to maximize all efforts in being present in their home lives. This includes how to handle all transactions in a safe, professional & ethical manner, while still having time to cultivate and maintain a healthy personal life in conjunction with the professional life that they desire and our industry demands.

“When it comes to the clients and consumers, the goal is to be redefining their past experiences, their present situation, and the future possibilities through educated and honorable real estate services with a company that utilizes all the ‘new school’ technology but believes in the tried and true ‘old school’ concepts of professionalism and dedicated work ethic that our trade organization has dedicated itself to for centuries”, ReDefined the Brokerage.

To become a ReDefined agent an interview is conducted where they discuss an agent’s business plan, personal and professional goals, as well as their individual understanding of the Realtor designation. This means the agents professional dedication to the ethical standards of this industry, their community, as well as their personal life. “We have experienced that even though there are several productive and honorable brokers and brokerage models for an agent to choose from, the core values of not just the company but every person, including their ‘Whys’ need to coincide to ensure a cohesive and productive work environment for everyone”, Shay Johnson.

“We will forever be dedicated to evaluated the needs of Idaho’s real estate industry and its people, and setting up systematic policies and procedures to harness our years of experience and dedication to the industry to build a quality brokerage with agents who care about the concept of ‘Client Before Transaction’ and are dedicated and appreciative of this huge trade organization and for the many opportunities it allows us a career choice”.

– The Johnsons

ReDefined Realtors

Owner & Designated Broker

PJ started working as a Realtor in 2010 when he decided that he would like to use the high-end customer service that he had learned in the construction & construction management industry to do something else.

Owner & Business Development

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Associate Broker

Crystal was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Idaho and today spends her free time living a similar country life married to her high school sweetheart and raising their two children. Whether riding…

Associate Broker

Tosha Chapman prides herself on Customer Service in every Real Estate transaction. Being born and raised in the Boise area Tosha has a great knowledge of the Treasure Valley and what it has to offer.

William Dee


He’s been told one of people’s first impressions is that he’s quiet, when he hears that his response is “Why are the loudest people the ones with the least life experience?” says Will.

Digital Marketing Manager & Realtor

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While Jesse’s first experience with real estate, the purchase of his own home went smoothly, you can’t say that his first transaction as a Realtor was just as smooth. But he considers that a good thing because now, he has even more skills to be prepared for any deal that might go sideways when working with a client. Jesse is an example of who we are at ReDefined; optimistic, dedicated, and fun loving. He uses what others consider to be difficult situations and considers them learning experiences to make his business better and even more prepared for the unexpected that occurs during real estate in general.


Someday Kelli will make it to see a game at every MLB stadium across the United States, but for now you can find her at the field; either watching her boys play baseball and soccer or trying her athleticism in one of her adult leagues. You might end up taking walks to get some clean air while visiting a local business, head out to go camping or just to take a quick day to explore the outdoors with her family and friends. Maybe you’re enjoying some coffee, a few beers, or a moscow mule talking about articles from the Idaho Statesman. One thing is for sure, her goal is to be a reason that you smiled today. In her real estate and personal life, with her pure tenacity and ethical attention to detail, Kelli is going to be there to make sure that you have the knowledge, tools and support to reach your goals with an added sprinkle of laughter and professional optimism.


As a true Boise Native, she has spent all but one year in this beautiful state. During that year, Angie spent time in Oregon living and working on a farm. Confirming that she is never intimidated by hard work. In fact she welcomes it. “Anything worth having, is worth working hard to get”. Every day Angie is committed to do at least one thing, even the smallest thing, to confirm to the world that she is ready to dig in and ready to assist wherever she is needed. Her lifetime goal of traveling to New Zealand might be big, but for now she is going to make sure that her clients and loved ones know that she is present and committed to being the person that will: listen compassionately, celebrate everyday passionately, work honestly and ethically to assist others whole-heartedly.


That is the kind of passion and optimism Tracy brings to her career as a Realtor, and in her life. Her ability to look at situations from the other person’s perspective makes this agent great at hearing and obtaining just what her clients are trying to accomplish. As a negotiator she understands that there are humans on both ends of a real estate transaction. Tracy has learned that in life it can be tough finding a way to achieve what you really want; but nothing ventured, nothing gained. That is a big reason why she loves being someone that has the opportunity to help people achieve homeownership. Her clients feel confident knowing that her knowledge and dedication will help them through the sometimes-overwhelming process of a real estate transaction. 


I am a long-time Boise gal (BSU grad) who adores this beautiful Valley! From the gorgeous views, the eclectic nightlife, the amazing downtown, the friendly people, to the bountiful entertainment and outdoor recreation opportunities.

I became involved with real estate around 20 years ago when I began buying and flipping homes, soon after delving into a buy-and-hold investment strategy and building an investment portfolio of single-family homes. I received training to become a real estate Appraiser and spent 18 months interning with a small appraisal firm in Boise in order to truly understand how pricing strategies work. 4 years ago I decided to get my real estate license so that I could invest all of my time into a career that I had extensive knowledge and passion in.

Aubrey Jacobsen

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